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2017 台灣文博會 Creative Expo Taiwan



關於時間概念,每分每秒感覺抽象,物換星移卻非常強烈,時間去哪裡了? 科技進步的時代,時間的識別出現在電腦、電視、手機、平板、健身手錶、汽車儀表顯示等每塊生活日常螢幕上,看似無所不在,實則容易視而不見,如何讓時間更有存在感? 什麼是凝視時間的最佳姿態? 「一個設計an everything」策劃展覽「This is an __:__:__」讓時間變得時時有感、讓時間以空間中的藝術姿態獲得共鳴。


This is an __:__:__.  You are now.


“Is it time here?” people asked. Actually, time is always here with us within our every heartbeat, every breath, and every thought. However, what is the possibility of time in our everyday life? The timepiece, we see time. The conversations, we see time. The people on the MRT, we see time. The facebook and google, we see time. At the space of exhibition about “This is an __:__:__. You are now.”,an everything tried to have people really see and feel what time is and also interact with her through the different possibilities in the design works.


an everything designed the nothing but white space with mirrored colons and led lighting system to invite people into this abstract time zone to experience time and also be part of time.


You are now.

「一個設計 an everything」設計品牌 ,文博會參展資訊


地點:松山文創園區 3號倉庫

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