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You : Roundabout

Bon appétit !

You wait and see.

Looking to the left and the right.

It’s your turn.

Then enjoy!






  1. 選擇需要的軌道數量

  2. 將托盤放入軌道,軌道對準餐具架底座

  3. 套上餐具架

  4. 餐點擺放於托盤上

  5. 托盤可依軌道移動,軌道可旋轉,餐具架可旋轉分享餐具


This is a sweet tableware.

Bon appétit!!

Taking your time to sit down with others. Turning the tracks with plates on them. Sharing those sweet moments with others. It’s your turn to have the conversations with real sweets and people for a good time.


  1. Picking up the tracks and plates with your choice

  2. To place the plates on the tracks. Putting them up with the base, then make sure they place right

  3. Placing the holder for the table wares in the middle

  4. To place the sweets on the plates

  5. Then it’s your turn and share

Bon appétit!!

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